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So what are Sundials and how do they work?

A Sundial is an instrument which is able to tell the time depending on the position of the sun, it relys on a gnomon which casts a shadow onto the dial to tell the specific time. It is exactly the same as a 24 hour clock on your mobile phone (just less portable!)

Where can I buy a sundial?

There are multiple websites which sell sundials at a low price (we suggest checking amazon and ebay for just your regular sundial) if you ere looking for a custom sundial to be made then it would be a better idea to look for professionals in your local area.

Do I need to clean my sundial?

It is recommended to keep it very clean to avoid it looking tacky and easy to view. There are a couple of cleaning companies who specialise in this type of clean (we recommended going for the one-off service as they can clean your home and sundial as you don't really need a regular home cleaning service)